a transformative works archive

for us, by us

at diffindo, we believe in the Boy Who Lived. 

we believe in friendship, wit, ambition, and bravery. 


we believe in a little boy with a scar shaped like a lightning bolt, almond-shaped emerald eyes, and untidy jet-black hair. 


diffindo believes in magic, in stories, in the life-changing power of fiction. 


when the Boy Who Lived grew up, people gave him a new name. they called him the Chosen One. 


we call him “harry.” just “harry.”


we chose to pick up his story, years ago or yesterday. we held it in our hands, or listened to it in our cars, or saw it on the silver screen. 


diffindo believes that nobody should ever have to live in a closet.


lately, we’ve spent more time at home. some of our homes are like hogwarts, full of family and light. but sadly, some of us live with the Dursleys. 


but diffindo believes that hogwarts will always be there to welcome us home. 


our stories are bigger than ourselves. at some point, they blur into myth. 


diffindo believes that Harry Potter, the Man Who Lived, saved the world. 


above all, we believe that nobody should have to live in a closet.

we’ll see you soon.