welcome to diffindo.

at diffindo, we believe in magic.

we believe in a little wizard boy with a lightning-bolt scar, almond-shaped green eyes, and knobbly knees.

once upon a time, the Boy Who Lived’s wicked family shut him up in a cupboard, beneath a staircase. there, the boy grew up.

at first he was plagued by evil forces — frying pans that nearly missed his head, his Aunt Marge’s monstrous bulldog — but these things did not stop harry from being brave.

the Boy Who Lived practiced being brave every chance he got. he fought evil wizards alongside good ones. he held onto hope with everything he had. he loved his family… always.

in time, they stopped calling him “boy,” for he grew older. they began to call him “the Chosen One.” that name too grew old.

we call him “harry.”

“Just Harry.”

diffindo believes in evolution. we believe in stories. we believe in the transformative power of fiction. we believe that narrative is salvation, that monsters aren’t the scariest thing in the night.

we believe that harry potter saved the Wizarding world.

and most of all…

we believe that the Boys, Girls, Who-sits and What-sis growing up today should never, ever have to live in a closet.

this is hogwarts. welcome home.

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